Ask Hana

Ask Hana is a series that answers your frequently asked questions, most common queries, and occasional concerns, about contraception.

What Happens To My Period While I’m On Hana?
What Are the Side Effects of Taking Hana?
What time Should I take my pill?
How long can I be on the contraceptive pill?
Do antibiotics affect the pill?
Can I drink alcohol if I’m on the pill?
What Do I Do If I Miss My Pill?
What happens if I stop taking Hana?
What is Hana’s subscription service?
What is the ‘Mini Pill’?
What is the Hana® consultation like?
Can I take Hana® if I’m ill?
Can I use contraceptive pills while breastfeeding?
Is My Libido Normal?
Could Hana® be Suitable for me?
Going on the pill & costs
Should I buy a one month or three month pack of Hana®?
Condoms or the Pill?

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