Hana’s content:
our Editorial Process and our Promise

The pill is a commonly used method of contraception in the UK. Many women and people with uteruses are choosing a contraceptive pill as their method of contraception, and we want to continue to support and
celebrate their choice.

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We think that one of the best ways to do this is by making access to Hana, a contraceptive pill available without prescription, and by educating people so they feel empowered to make a choice that’s right for them.

We know that contraception can sometimes be complicated, which is why we are committed to writing content that helps to demystify the myriad of myths and misconceptions that can sometimes prevent people from accessing contraception that’s right for them.

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our content

To help inform your contraceptive choices we want you to know that every piece of content that Hana creates is accurate, trustworthy and accessible. Everything on our website is fact-checked by a team of writers to ensure they are accurate (and hopefully interesting!). We want you to have all of the facts, and be confident that anything you read from Hana has been reviewed and approved by our medical team, which includes, amongst others, physicians in the field of reproductive medicine and a community pharmacist.*

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Hana is committed to creating educational content that can help to inform people’s experiences when it comes to taking a contraceptive pill. Everyone’s experience can be different and it’s important we respect them all: the crucial thing is that women and people with uteruses have both their choices, and their voices. So we can speak about it all and we can help to educate and comfort.

We launched Hana for women and people with uteruses, and we believe being able to access the contraceptive pill without prescription is a landmark moment. It’s 2021 afterall, and it’s about time. This important moment for contraception merits content that you can trust, and we’re committed to creating just that.

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our purpose

Hana’s purpose is to empower you. We’re here to talk to you about how your body works, the choices you have around contraception, and what Hana can do for you. We want you to feel confident: about contraception, about your body, about yourself.


When we talk about contraception, we know that we aren’t just talking about biology, we’re talking about everything. Your contraception can be linked to your appearance, your relationships, your self-esteem, your world view. We aren’t just talking to your hormones, we’re talking to you.

always welcome

We want to do right by you. We want you to have the very best experience, and part of that means being open about what we can be doing better. Your feedback is always welcome, so if you see anything on Hana that doesn’t feel right, you can let us know by using the #AskHana hashtag on social media, or emailing: Hana-uk@hra-pharma.com.


*The medical professionals highlighted in this piece do not endorse any products or brands.