Communication Tips for Healthy Sexual Relationships

Communication Tips for Healthy Sexual Relationships

Honesty is key, always
Partake in aftercare
Try and stay on the same page
Listen carefully
Cultivate empathy
Consider compromise
Keep at it

So, you’ve finally found someone that you vibe with in the bedroom (or car/kitchen/hot tub – whatever you’re into). Great, right?! But if you decide you want more from the relationship – whether that’s emotionally or sexually – how do you communicate those needs? We can help!

1. Honesty is key, always

Make a pact with your partner(s) to keep an open channel of honest communication. It can be a big and scary thing asking for help or approaching subjects around sex and intimacy, but being upfront and honest always pays off. In our 2022Big Sex Survey’ of over 2,000 female, trans men and non binary people in the UK, 57% of people said they would like to be having more sex. Imagine if they’d been able to communicate that with their sexual partners as well as us! Just think of all the glorious physical intimacy they could be having! If that isn’t reason enough to start a conversation when you’re feeling some type of way, then we don’t know what is…

2. Partake in aftercare

After you’ve done the deed, take time to recap on the events that just happened. It’s a perfect excuse to get all snuggled up together – if that’s what you fancy – and discuss which parts you particularly enjoyed and why, or anything that didn’t hit the spot. Whilst it might seem like a bit of a mood killer doing it so soon post-coitus, everything will be fresh in your mind and you never know what discussing the ins and outs of intimacy might lead to.

3. Try and stay on the same page

If you need to access the morning after pill, decide to switch up your contraception or feel like it’s time for an STI check up, involve your partner in that discussion. They don’t necessarily need to be part of the decision making (your body, your choice and all) but it doesn’t hurt to keep them in the loop. They might have some useful insights, or even just a willingness to offer support. If you are in the market for a new, convenient contraception, Hana® can be purchased over the counter or online without a prescription. Visit for more information.

4. Listen carefully

Relationships tend to mean that there’s more than one party at play. And while you might be reading this to help your communication skills and for tips on how to get your thoughts and opinions across to other people, chances are they might have their own thoughts and opinions to share with you. Going into these situations and conversations with an open mind and a readiness to listen completely will help everyone involved. Feeling heard and understood without judgement is a big deal!

5. Cultivate empathy

Empathy is simply the ability to understand and share the perspectives and feelings of others, so it’s definitely something we think is key to a healthy relationship. If you were approaching someone else with your feelings and being vulnerable, you would want to be greeted with respect and understanding. It’s simply the same concept but the other way around!

6. Consider compromise

It takes two to tango… in more ways than one! If you’re open to other people’s ideas in between the sheets, then why not elsewhere? It might be a tad tough to get your head around, but some decisions and discussions might be best solved by meeting in the middle and compromising so everyone gets a bit of a win.

7. Keep at it

In the aforementioned 2022 survey, the most popular answers to the question ‘what’s the key to healthy and happy sex and relationships?’ were around open and honest communication and listening to each other. So keep checking in with each other. Things change and what works for you at one point might differ completely in a matter of weeks or months. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a date night. Use the premise of ‘catching up’ to make sure you’re up to speed with each other’s feelings and thank us later.

We hope these tips have made it easier (or at least less scary) to have some important conversations with your partners. Go forth and communicate!


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