Headshot of Dr Jessica Langtree Marsh

Dr Jessica Langtree-Marsh


Dr Jessica Langtree-Marsh is a Jersey-based GP, with an interest in and passion for women’s welfare and fertility. She co-launched Jersey’s first women’s welfare and fertility clinic to help local women and people with uteruses with infertility, early pregnancy, period problems, menopause and contraceptives within a community healthcare setting.

Dr Langtree-Marsh also runs an educational Instagram page where she openly discusses issues like contraception, periods, pregnancy, fertility and menopause.


Years of Experience

Dr Langtree-Marsh qualified as a doctor in 2012 before working as a junior doctor in Devon and as a Cardiology Research Fellow in Jersey. She then qualified as a General Practitioner in 2019. She has completed a Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health, and also has experience in Sexual Assault having worked within a Sexual Assault Referral Centre. She is currently completing a Masters in Gynaecology.

Dr Jessica’s Role With
HRA Pharma/Hana

Dr Jessica has provided her expert perspective on a one-off project on how desogestrel works for a series of films for Hana, a daily contraceptive pill available to buy without prescription.

These include discussions on: 

*Dr Jessica Langree-Marsh does not endorse any products or brands