8 Instagram Accounts to Give You a Confidence Boost

Need a confidence boost?
Jenn Doan
Nyome Nicholas-Williams
Lillie Farrow
Lydia Reeves
Alok Vaid-Menon
Jessica Megan
Malin Andersson
Ericka Hart

Need a confidence boost?

Sometimes, we all need a little pick me up. We believe in packing your Instagram feed full of whatever makes you feel good, be it delicious food, inspirational quotes or motivational people. Just in case your ‘following’ list is lacking in the latter, here are eight of our faves…

Jenn Doan – @jenn_doan (she/they)

Jenn is a body positive babe, who also dedicates her IG page to de-stigmatizing sex and mental health. She chats candidly about being bisexual and runs various virtual sex and confidence workshops. Anyone who talks about sex toys, cute dogs and polyamory in the same breath is fine by us!

Nyome Nicholas-Williams – @curvynyome (she/her)

She single-handedly changed Instagram’s nudity policy – need we say more? Probably not, but we’re going to! After her Instagram posts were removed for nudity, Nyome took a stand against the censorship of plus-sized women and people of colour and the hashtag #IWantToSeeNyome went viral. Shortly afterwards, an Instagram representative confirmed that Nyome’s work had brought recognition to a flaw in their policy, and this was to be changed. Nyome is obviously stunning and works as a plus-size model. Her outfits are envy-inducing and her narrative is warm, honest and empowering. Are we obsessed? Just a bit.

Lillie Farrow – @lilandlife (she/her)

One for all the mums out there: not only is Lillie open and honest about her postpartum body and the struggles she faces in coming to terms with it, but she is consistently frank and funny about all things motherhood. Too often, Instagram is a place of gleaming highlights, documenting only the highest highs of motherhood and never any of the lows. Lillie’s feed is all real and – as a massive bonus – features some incredibly delicious recipes.

Lydia Reeves – @lydiareeves_artist (she/her)

Lydia is an artist, best known for her work in casting. Specifically, casting various body parts in plaster as an act of defiance, to prove to the world that we are all beautiful regardless of our differences and flaws. She has recently released her book My Vulva and I, depicting photographs of real-life vulva casts and the stories behind their owners. In the mood for some serious self-empowerment? Get reading…

Alok Vaid-Menon – @alokvmenon (they/them)

Alok is a non-binary author, comedian and performer. Their popularity comes from inspiring activism and upending convention with impeccable fashion statements – think multi-coloured beehive wigs, turquoise lipstick and armpit-length diamante gloves. They’ll have you wishing for their wardrobe whilst simultaneously putting in the work to de-gender fashion stereotypes and show us what life can be like beyond the binary.

Jessica Megan – @jess_megan_ (she/her)

Jess is a pretty big name in the body confidence game. Her feed is filled with sun-kissed, joy-filled and aesthetically delightful images of herself and her body – every inch of it. If you’re after anti diet-culture, feminism and total self love, Jess is your gal.

Malin Andersson – @missmalinsara (she/her)

You might know Malin from her feature on Season 2 of Love Island. She may well have been your type on paper in 2016, but she has since gone on to inspire millions. She uses her platform to gently open conversations around sensitive topics like trafficking, domestic abuse and infant loss. She also often talks about her experience with reality TV and how it has shaped her and her relationship with her body. To remind us what ‘normal’ might look like, she can often be found dancing around in her undies, gloriously unapologetically.

Ericka Hart @iharteericka (she/they)

We love Ericka’s work. They are a breast cancer survivor and sex educator who puts their energy into normalising talking about just about everything – from divorce, sexual assault and disability to therapy, fat-phobia and nudity. Their dedication and work around racial and social injustice is inspiring – they teach sex ed without skimming over topics like gender, race, class and ability, and we can’t recommend their resource enough.

We feel empowered and more confident just having written this list, so we hope that it has a similar effect on anyone reading. Remember – your Instagram should be a place of positivity and a resource to help educate and inspire you. If it’s making you feel inadequate in any way, something needs to change! 

*none of the people in this article endorse any products or brands